2010 Bingo Cruises

Shortly after the national smoking ban was passed in the UK bingo players who smoked were no longer welcome in their favorite bingo clubs. A survey taken at the time showed that about 63% of all bingo players smoked and were left with no alternatives. One enterprising bingo company set up bingo cruises outside the UK’s jurisdiction where the smoking ban does not apply. Major cruise lines realized there was a lot of money to be made from bingo players and now a few major cruise lines offer luxury bingo cruises complete with high stakes bingo0 tournaments.

Carnival Cruise Lines has been very proactive and now provides bingo enthusiasts with several bingo cruises every year. The Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise has become one of the line’s most popular attractions and delivers a lot of bang for the bucks of sea going bingo players. Most bingo cruises make stops at various Western Caribbean ports of call. For UK players the cruises provide a welcome break from the bleak English winter weather. The online bingo industry has recognized just how popular the cruises are among players and now many internet bingo sites like BingoHouse offer players bingo cruises as prizes. Many sites offer all expenses paid vacations on one of the cruise lines offering bingo cruises. Prize packages can include airfare, class A staterooms, meals and entertainment and free entry into all shipboard bingo games and tournaments.

Bingo cruises have attracted a loyal following and many bingo players plan their annual vacations around bingo cruises. This year in late October and early November Carnival Cruise Lines will hold its 2010 Tournament Cruise. Ports of call include Grand Cayman, Isla Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. The cruise will set sail from Miami Florida. The oldest shipboard bingo tournament cruise has been sponsored by the well known Bingo Bugle. They have been providing bingo cruises since 1009 and occasionally the cruises sell out. Over $2 million dollars in prize money will be up for grabs during the sea going bingo tournaments.

In addition to Caribbean cruises the Princess Cruise Line is offering bingo fans an Alaska bingo cruise. Prizes total $100,000 on the Alaska bingo cruise and bingo fans can admire the magnificent scenery of the Alaska coast. Bingo cruises have become big business and the prizes and jackpots keep getting bigger and better. In addition, for those online bingo game players, many cruise lines offer internet access so tournament participants can hone their skills at their favorite online bingo sites between games. Tournament cruises are a bingo fanatic’s dream come true!

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