2012 Online Bingo Market Predictions

Bingo is a game that suffers from an image problem. Mention bingo and many people immediately think of little old ladies sitting in a smoky bingo hall who will yell at players unlucky enough to sit in one of their ‘lucky’ seats. While seniors may still dominate land based bingo things are rapidly changing. Online bingo has attracted a whole new generation to the game and in many instances these younger players have ventured out to live bingo halls to play. To accommodate these new players many bingo halls have revamped their operations to appeal to younger players. Finding accurate gambling statistics for online bingo is not easy. Many gaming operators have conducted surveys and commissioned studies but tend to keep the results to themselves.

At the present time the United Kingdom is the world’s largest online bingo market. Most players are between 18 and 45 years old and are overwhelmingly female. This has not escaped the attention of marketers who have tailored their advertising campaigns to reach this audience. Online bingo operators advertise and sometimes sponsor television shows that have a predominately female audience. Most reports say that women comprise between 50% to 70% of all online bingo players. Some reports indicate that women are more likely to participate in marathon bingo sessions than men. Some believe that most women are intimidated by the atmosphere at poker sites and gravitate to online bingo sites where the games are friendlier. For affiliate marketers the online bingo industry presents two opportunities. Most affiliate marketers realize that the bulk of their efforts should be aimed at women but male online bingo players remain an underserved demographic that could provide new opportunities and revenues to marketers.

The online bingo market is constantly developing and evolving. New technologies present new opportunities. A recent ruling by the US Department of Justice could open a new massive online bingo market. The addition of the American bingo market could trigger a bingo boom of massive proportions. Many online bingo operators withdrew from the American market so they could be in a position to obtain US licenses should full legalization take place. Mobile bingo also presents operators, affiliates and marketers with new opportunities. So far mobile bingo has been a big success and many online bingo operators have hired experienced mobile marketers to exploit the popularity of mobile bingo. 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for online bingo operators and players alike.

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