2012-The Latest Funding Options For American players

As most internet bingo and casino players in the US know the Justice Department reversed their draconian stance on internet gambling last December. In response to inquiries by New York and Illinois the Justice Department ruled that sports betting is the only form of gambling forbidden by the wire act of 1961. Previously the wire act had been used to prosecute some online poker operators and one internet bingo site. While the DOJ may be taking a more liberal stance the Unlawful Internet Gambling EnforcementAct is still with us and makes it difficult for American players to make deposits and withdrawals at internet bingo sites and casinos. Unfortunately most political and gaming analysts do not expect any further action on internet gaming until well after the upcoming presidential elections.

Players in the United States should be aware that there are still several deposit methods open to them. Although online bingo ‘and casino players in the US don’t have that many reliable options there are still a few available.  New deposit options open up frequently but shut down just as frequently. Credit cards have always been the most popular and convenient option. Unfortunately most credit cards prohibit gambling transactions. A few actually forbid transactions in land based casinos. American Express and Discover cards have the lowest acceptance rates at internet bingo sites and casinos. The acceptance rate for MasterCard is declining. Many players report that Visa has the highest acceptance rate of any credit card.

For players in the United States pre-paid credit cards seem to be the best and most convenient option. These can be used for deposits and withdrawals and can be funded directly from a player’s personal checking account. The acceptance rates are very high and most players report no problems when using pre-paid credit cards.

Ewallets have been around for years and a few may be used at internet bingo sites and casinos. After UIGEA was passed Neteller, the largest online payment processor at the time, exited the internet gambling market due to legal difficulties with American authorities. PayPal has never been a big fan on internet gambling transactions but will process transactions for European players at European gaming sites. During the last decade several Ewallets have appeared on the internet but many go out of business fairly quickly because of legal difficulties.

EChecks were a popular option at one time but many gaming sites no longer accept EChecks from the US.

While the current selection may be limited there is hope on the horizon for American players. Several states have announced plans to offer legal internet gambling to residents. Once this happens many credit card companies will once again offer their services to American gamblers-for a price.

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