3D Bingo in the Near Future?

The rapid advance of technology has improved the quality of online games including bingo. New flash based no download bingo games give players a realistic bingo experience. Many bingo experts consider chat rooms the most popular feature at most bingo sites and a majority of players consider chat rooms to be an important factor in selecting a bingo site. Technologies that were unheard of just a few years ago are being adopted by bingo providers to provide a more realistic bingo experience online. As internet bandwidths expand, the ease with which video technology can add to chat rooms is increasing. At least one bingo site has announced they will offer players the chance to use webcams in their chat rooms and if the move is successful most bingo sites will probably adopt the new technology quickly to stay competitive.

Most bingo sites are using web 2.0 technologies to enable players to interact more effectively. Online bingo is now a billion dollar a year business and that figure is expected to double in about two years. Bingo sites are looking for features that will make them stand out against other bingo sites and enhance their online bingo reviews and the prospect of webcams in chat rooms has many players excited. Webcams will implement fact to face communication in bingo chat rooms adding a new dimension to the game for those who play bingo online.

To make things even more exciting the development of 3D technology and its possible use by bingo sites has many players excited. 3D webcams are now available and can be easily ordered online. Although at the present time 3D webcams are somewhat expensive the price is expected to decrease as use becomes widespread. Once the use of webcams becomes common at bingo sites the next logical step is the implementation of 3D webcams in chat rooms. As a recent article stated, “Despite the fact that players are within their own homes often hundreds of miles away … 3D technology would facilitate interpersonal relationships among players despite the distance,” Online bingo has a long history of adopting new technologies and although at the present time the use of 3D webcams may seem farfetched many industry experts believe the use of 3D technology will be adopted soon.

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