30 Ball Bingo and Its Sudden Popularity

Over the years several variants on the traditional 75 ball bingo game have been created. In the United States the 75 ball version is the standard game but across the Atlantic several different bingo games are commonly played. In the UK, Australia and New Zealand 90 ball bingo is the standard game played at most bingo clubs. In the late 19th century the 90 ball version arrived in Britain and was known as tombola and housie-housie. When bingo went on the internet most bingo sites offered players both versions of the game.

Other variants appeared most notably 80 ball bingo and 30 ball bingo, also known as ‘speed bingo.’ 30 ball bingo cards have nine squares on a 3 X 3 grid. 30 numbers are called during a game which makes 30 ball bingo much faster than 75 and 90 ball games. Most players love the fast paced action of 30 ball bingo. With a progressive jackpot thrown into the mix 30 ball bingo can pack quite a punch for players. Those who play internet bingo love the fact that more bingo games can be played per hour giving them a greater chance of winning a 30 ball bingo jackpot. 30 ball bingo is not commonly played at live bingo halls and is available almost exclusively online.

Although there are few possible patterns in 30 ball bingo most players believe the adrenaline rush provided by 30 ball bingo more than compensates for the lack of cleverly designed card patterns. At the present time the only winning pattern in 30 ball bingo is a ‘full house’ where all of the squares are covered. When 30 ball bingo was first introduced at bingo sites some believed it would be just another passing fad but history has proved the naysayers wrong. Many bingo sites report that 30 ball bingo is a favorite among their players and the game has helped to boost profits at some sites because of its popularity.

30 ball bingo games with progressive jackpots can produce some pretty impressive cash prizes because of rapid growth. Thanks to the instant popularity of the 30 ball game at bingo sites many expect the development of even more variations on the old game of bingo. Every bingo variant has been well received at bingo sites and most online bingo reviews of 30 ball bingo games have been positive. With the rapid advance of technology who knows what bingo games will be developed in the future?

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