4th Annual Online Bingo Summit to Take Place in London

The 4th annual Online Bingo Summit will take place on June 16th-17th in London. This annual event draws industry leaders from around the world. In recent years online bingo sites has experienced astounding growth especially in the UK. Despite the ongoing global recession online bingo has experienced an 80% increase in the number of online bingo game players. It has been estimated that UK online bingo players spend over £600 million (USD $1.2 billion) on bingo cards per year.

Topics to be discussed at the upcoming conference include player acquisition and retention, European bingo opportunities, product innovation, and many other topics related to online bingo. How will all this affect the average online bingo player? Competition in the online bingo industry is expected to be fierce in 2009. One industry executive described the atmosphere in the online bingo industry as “cut-throat.”

Players can look forward to more perks and bonuses in 2009 as online bingo websites compete for players and attempt to retain established players. In fact, one of the main topics to be discussed at the Online Bingo Summit is player acquisition and retention. Online bingo players can expect bigger jackpots, larger deposit bonuses, and lots of promotions. Online bingo websites will try to provide players with a better online bingo experience. Conference attendees will discuss which promotions work and how to design promotions so players will be eager to play.

As with any other market competition ultimately benefits the consumer and online bingo is no exception. Those attending the Online Bingo Summit will come away with many new and original ideas. Players can look forward to some really great games and promotions in 2009!

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