5 Things You Should Know Before You Place That Bet.odt

5 Things You Should Know Before You Place That Bet

Before you experience the excitement, the competition, the skill and the social buzz of poker (not to mention many potential winnings), it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the real rules of the game.

  1. Fold More

One rookie mistake is to keep playing every hand that you get –simply because you want to play more.  Experts advise new players to fold often and to keep looking for those ideal hands. It is important to get the hang of this early on and learn to bold in your pursuit of the right set of cards.

  1. Don’t play in a bad mood

Most experts think that the mood of the player really affects their game, so the advice to those just starting out is this: come to a game of poker in the most fresh and positive state of mind you can. This advice also extends to drinking while playing a game – don’t do it unless you’re playing really low stakes with friends! Make sure you come to the game of poker with a balanced mind a belief in your ability to win.

  1. Watch the other players

Even if you’re not currently in a hand, one of the best things you can do in poker is to observe the other players closely. You can pick up on the signals (‘tells’) that give away that a player is nervous or planning a particular move. These will help you to play strategically against them.

  1. Remember: you don’t have to bluff!

Although bluffing is one of the most integral – and celebrated – elements of poker, you don’t have to bluff to win a poker game. However some players feel that they haven’t won if they haven’t bluffed another player out of a win. It’s up to you how you play, but remember to play the game with a bit of nuance. Continual bluffs can make the game a bore.

  1. Work on that poker face

A perfect poker face shows no emotion whatsoever. You have to learn how not to show happiness or disappointment at the hand you have been dealt. Consider wearing a hat or using glasses to help keep those feelings from being easily readable.

Let’s get one thing straight – bluffing is far less common than its portrayed in the movies – yet it is an integral part of your poker game if you learn to do it right. The best ways to improve are to read books, watch the pros whenever you can and of course – practice.

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