7% Of UK Computer Users Play Bingo Online

According to recent figures the British population is estimated at about 60,000,000 people. A recent survey showed that 60% of the population used the internet daily. In 2010 there were 19.2 million British households with an internet connection. 73% of all UK households have an internet connection and broadband access in increasing. London has the largest internet access and 83% of all London households are connected to the internet. The lowest level of internet access is the north east where only 59% of all households had internet access. In 2010 30.1 million British adults (60%) used the internet every day or almost every day.

Internet bingo is big business in the UK and over 4,000,000 people play at bingo sites regularly. Industry estimates say that 30% of all online bingo players are under thirty years old. Most younger players played at bingo sites every day. Bingo is no longer looked upon as a game for the elderly. Amazingly out of a population of sixty million about 7% of the entire British population play online bingo regularly. This is good news for UK bingo sites and the number of online players has been increasing in recent years. Out of a population of sixty million forty eight million people use the internet daily and four million people play at bingo sites every day or almost daily.

In addition to those playing at bingo sites millions more play at live bingo halls. Many in the bingo industry look at live bingo players as potential online bingo players. Since the national smoking ban was implemented in 2007 millions of players turned to online bingo and bingo sites reported a rapid increase in the number of players online. Online bingo also has the advantage of being much less expensive than games at live bingo halls. This gives internet bingo a distinct advantage over live bingo clubs. Even better most bingo sites offer players an extensive selection of side games including video poker, roulette, casino games, pull tab games and slot games.

A recent industry report indicated that slots are very popular at most bingo sites and the online bingo industry has created a demand for new and original slot games. Figures show that while the land based bingo industry remains static the online bingo industry is experiencing steady growth. In recent years online bingo has expanded into new European markets and the expansion continues to this day.

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