90 Ball Bingo History

90 ball bingo has been a favorite in the UK, Australia and New Zealand for decades. The game developed separately from ‘American’ style 75 ball bingo. 90 ball bingo evolved from early lottery games such as lotto and Tombola. In the British armed forces Tombola was a popular game and sailors on navy ships brought the game to Great Britain. A game known as housey-housey was played in the trenches during the Great War. The term ‘bingo’ was coined in the United States by early 75 ball bingo players and today is used to describe any bingo type game. Fund raising Tombola games were organized by churches and charitable organizations and the game became popular in the period between World War 1 and World War 2. At the time the game was illegal and games were occasionally broken up by police. This situation continued until the outbreak of the Second World War. By that time the game was known as bingo.

Legalization of Bingo

In the postwar years 90 ball bingo was played at fairs, seaside resorts and holiday camps. Games could be played for prizes but not for real cash. The government tried to make gambling illegal by various acts of parliament despite the fact that the government’s own commissions reporting that most Britons looked upon gambling as a social activity. In the 1960’s bingo became legal and the stage was set for the development of massive bingo halls throughout the country. By the 1970’s there was hardly a town or hamlet without its own High Street bingo hall. The bingo industry grew and generated billions of pounds in revenue every year.

Online Bingo Takeover

In the mid 90’s bingo went online. The first online bingo games did not attract many players and the technology was limited. Software advances enabled online bingo operators to provide players with high quality bingo games with amazing graphics and animations. Today there are more than 300 bingo sites online. After the implementation of the national smoking ban in 2007 the bingo industry experienced astonishing growth. Many bingo providers saw their player base double. Today online bingo is big business and industry competition is keen. To attract new players many online bingo sites offer players free bingo, generous welcome bonuses and promotions. Sun Bingo is one of the most well known bingo providers in the UK and their site serves as one of the best examples of a typical British bingo site. 90 ball bingo has come a long way since the days of the Great War and has attracted a whole new generation of players.

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