A Major Switch in Bingo Demographics

Many people think bingo is a game for little old ladies and pensioners, but today nothing could be further from the truth, especially in the UK. Today it is not unusual to see bingo halls filled with attractive young ladies in their late teens and 20’s. According to the manager at one large bingo hall in the UK it is common to see hen parties and groups of players in their 20’s. The switch in bingo demographics has taken place during the last decade and some say that online bingo is partially responsible for the revival of land based bingo halls. Bingo is seen by the younger generation as an opportunity to have some fun and socialize. Still, though, we find that most bingo players are women.

Online Bingo Boom

In the UK bingo has a very high profile and it is virtually impossible to watch a television show without seeing an ad for an online bingo site. Bingo hall managers throughout the UK have noticed the switch in bingo demographics. Roxburgh Richmond, who manages a Crown Bingo hall in Redcar, suggested that young players are attracted by bingo’s high profile. Richmond stated “The game has been brought to the forefront. We are seeing it more and more on the TV, newspapers have got it in and there is online bingo. This has made people think ‘let’s give it a go’. This has helped the commercial bingo clubs. People are starting off online but you haven’t got the atmosphere there.”

Play Free Bingo Online – And Invite the Family

Richmond has noticed the multi generational aspect of bingo. Richmond said “What you will also find is, it is somebody’s daughter or granddaughter or even son and grandson coming in. They come along as families here. There has been two or three generations sat around the same table here.” In the UK bingo has a long and colorful history and is considered an ingrained part of British culture. At the Colnbrook Immigration Centre in Berkshire immigrants awaiting deportation play several bingo games nightly.

Transition from Live to Online Bingo

In Britain bingo halls have been attracting young players for years. Many were introduced to bingo by playing online bingo or mobile bingo. Although online bingo provides plenty of opportunities for socialization younger players seem to prefer face to face communication. Recent statistics indicate that many older players are turning to online bingo for entertainment. Initially online bingo was only popular among younger players but as the older generation got used to using computers they flocked to online bingo sites. This year many bingo halls hosted government sponsored programs designed to teach pensioners how to use computers. It would appear that the programs are paying off for online bingo providers, though not online bingo USA providers as of yet..

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