A New Era For Online Bingo ?

The game of bingo is ingrained in British culture and the game has been popular since the post war years. During those early years it took people’s minds off of continued rationing and the repair of cities destroyed by bombing. By the 1960’s most cities and town had their own High Street bingo hall and even the remotest hamlet had a bingo game. Bingo games provided an opportunity for people to get together for fun and socialization. In many smaller towns pensioners depended on the local bingo hall for entertainment and a chance to have a night out with friends. In some towns bingo was the only leisure activity available to pensioners.

Bingo has evolved through the years and today there are several versions of the game. 90 ball bingo is the most popular online bingo game in the UK and some of its former colonies.  In the 1990’s bingo went online and the rest is history. From humble beginnings internet bingo has developed into a 2 billion dollar a year industry and is the largest online gaming sector in the UK. There are over 400 bingo sites serving the UK market and new bingo sites are launched almost weekly. Many bingo companies are publicly traded companies and several investment advisors have said that internet bingo has been a profitable investment during the recession.

Faster computer speeds and increased broadband access has allowed game developers at bingo sites to provide bingo games of astounding quality. Today online bingo sites provide players with the most realistic bingo experience possible. Today millions play at bingo sites regularly and over 60% of all internet bingo players play more than once a week. Bingo sites have very high player retention rates making internet bingo the most profitable sector of the online gaming industry.

Just as many players thought that online bingo had advances as far as it possible could the bingo industry surprised players once again. This year many bingo sites are adding mobile bingo applications for smart phones to their bingo repertoire. Internet bingo players will no longer be limited to desktop and laptop computers if they want to play an entertaining game of bingo. Many major bingo sites have launched applications for iPhones and Android mobiles. The new mobile applications could signal the start of a new era for online bingo. Downloading the apps is easy and in minutes bingo players can enjoy their favorite game no matter where they happen to be.

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