Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Bingo

The future of mobile bingo and mobile gaming in general is a much discussed topic in the online gaming industry. Some operators are unsure of how many of their players would play mobile bingo while others have jumped into mobile bingo with both feet. Today most of the top online bingo sites have easily downloadable applications that are compatible with several varieties of smart phones. If the mobile market takes off it will mean more players and bigger jackpots for everyone not to mention increased profits for operators.

Like any new technology there are advantages and disadvantages to playing mobile bingo. Mobile bingo allows players to play just about anywhere and most players appreciate the convenience. Bingo fans can play mobile bingo in buses and trains during long commutes and may even win some real cash! Mobile bingo allows players to play with their friends. If a few friends are out for a night on the town they could start a game while waiting for dinner or during intermissions at concerts.

In the past there have been some issues with mobile bingo. Screen size limited access to some games and at some sites players could not access side games at all. Fortunately technology is rapidly evolving and most of the compatibility problems have been addressed. For some players with limited vision screen size is still a problem. Operators that want their mobile games to be of the same quality as their online games and game and software developers have obliged. The fact remains that several models of smart phones are not up to the challenge of mobile gaming.

Mobile games can have many distractions such as receiving a call during a game. Losing focus can cause a player to blow a bingo game. Fortunately at most mobile sites players can use auto daub and game software that will track the game’s progress for them. Selecting a mobile bingo site is easy and there are hundreds online. All of the major UK operators offer high quality mobile bingo. Players need to check in advance to make sure the site’s games are compatible with their mobile device. Make sure the site is reputable before signing up.

Mobile bingo has been a big hit in the UK and its popularity is growing across the Atlantic. There are many bingo sites that offer mobile bingo and accept players from the United States. Mobile bingo players are eligible to receive the same bonuses offered at the online bingo site. In addition mobile players can also access promotions, re-deposit bonuses and most player perks and benefits.

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