Affiliate Marketing a Perfect Fit For Online Bingo

The UK is the world’s largest internet bingo market and over four hundred bingo sites target British bingo players. Internet bingo is one of the most lucrative sectors of the online gaming industry and has exceeded previous predictions. In 2010 revenues from internet bingo hit the two billion dollar mark well ahead of industry forecasts. Bingo operators are using every marketing method at their disposal to get their share of the two billion dollar pie. During the past two years many bingo sites have launched a television advertising blitz. There is hardly a commercial television break without at least one ad for a bingo site. Some major bingo sites are sponsoring popular programs and characters like Jackpot joy’s ‘queen of bingo’ are well known nationally. Bingo sites without huge marketing budgets must use other marketing methods to survive.

Some bingo sites rely on affiliate marketing to acquire new players. Affiliate marketing is a relatively simple concept. One business, in this case a bingo site, pays a commission to other web based business, or affiliate business, for every new player that sign up at the bingo site. Some bingo sites have many affiliates that receive commissions for every new player. Online bingo is a perfect fit for affiliate marketing. Internet bingo is a unique niche market with very little competition from other gaming sectors such as online slots or poker. As has been mentioned bingo is a two billion dollar a year market and thanks to new mobile applications experts predict further bingo growth in 2011-12. The industry figures do not include the US market because currently the future of the US bingo market is uncertain because of recent government actions against several online gambling sites. So far most bingo sites have escaped the attention of US regulators but several bingo sites have withdrawn from the US market.

Internet bingo is seen by most as a ‘soft’ or ‘respectable’ form of gambling. The typical online bingo player is a female between the ages of 18 to 35. Most are middle class and have disposable income. Online bingo demographics make it a perfect fit for affiliate marketers. Studies have shown that women are more likely than men to play bingo online daily and spend significant amounts of time online. Affiliates for bingo sites could include women’s apparel sites, entertainment and gossip sites and just about any business that targets women. There are three very good reasons why internet bingo is suited for affiliate marketing; low competition, growing popularity and great niche marketing potential.

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