Alabama AG Luther Strange Gets Even Stranger !

Alabama AG Luther Strange Gets Even Stranger!The great Alabama bingo battle continues and several legislators have weighed in on the issue. A newspaper poll showed that 78% of the population does not support Attorney General Luther Strange’s ‘strange’ vendetta against electronic bingo games in the state. In a surprise move Strange filed a lawsuit against the Poarch Band of Creek Indians seeking closure of tribal gaming operations and calling the tribal casinos a ‘public nuisance.’ What makes Strange’s move difficult to understand is that over the years the Poarch Band has donated over $100,000 to strange election and re-election campaigns.

Strange also staged a raid at VictoryLand casino putting hundreds out of work in an area of the state with high unemployment and poverty rates. State troopers ‘seized’ several legal bingo machines and also ‘seized’ a large amount of cash. State Sen. Marc Keahey, D-Grove Hill, said that Strange has overstepped his authority in filing a lawsuit against a tribe operating on their own sovereign lands. Keahey expressed the views of many when he said “In my opinion, the victims of the attorney general’s actions of the past week are the citizens and taxpayers of Alabama. Nothing about this is normal in terms of common sense and whether or not it’s a waste of time.” Most Alabama residents resent the waste of taxpayer resources in Strange’s petty vendetta.

State Rep. Alan Baker, R-Brewton, pointed out that the Poarch Band is protected by federal law and defended the tribe’s record of “providing for counties they are in.”  Baker also said “The Poarch Creek Indians have federal legal jurisdiction. It’s widely known that the Poarch Creek Indians provide for those counties they are in. It is more of a federal jurisdiction matter. I would say it is fair statement to make that gaming in Alabama has two different types of gaming, Indian gaming and non-Indian gaming. Indian gaming is federally regulated, while non-Indian gaming is state regulated.”

Keahey said that Strange’s latest move was just more political posturing. Keahey told reporters “I think when the attorney general filed the lawsuit in Elmore County claiming a public nuisance, at the end of this year we could probably look back at all the suits filed in the state and this would be the most frivolous suit filed.” Keahey also said that the Attorney General should focus on issues that really matter to Alabama citizens. Keahey stated “What makes the citizens victims is this; There is a filing fee that must be paid on the front end (of lawsuits). There is a state lawyer being paid tax dollars. The clerk in Elmore County has to spend time and money. It’s costly to taxpayers.”

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