Alabama AG Still Pursuing Bingo Vendetta

Alabama AG Still Pursuing Bingo VendettaThe latest anti-bingo campaign by Alabama attorney general Luther Strange has sparked the ire of a majority of Alabama citizens who are wondering why their attorney general is wasting time and millions of taxpayer dollars fighting electronic bingo. In a one two punch on February 20th Strange ordered a raid at VictoryLand casino and filed a lawsuit against the Poarch Band of Creek Indians saying tribal gaming is a “public nuisance.” The raid put hundreds of casino employees out of work in an area with few job opportunities. No expression of concern for these people was forthcoming from Strange’s office.

In an astonishing betrayal of one of his largest campaign contributors Strange filed a lawsuit that experts have already called “frivolous” against the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. Records reveal that the tribe has donated about $100,000 to Strange’s political campaigns along with tribal gaming interests in Mississippi. Some legislators have spoken out against the raid at VictoryLand. State Senator Billy Beasley, D-Clayton, who represents Macon County where VictoryLand is located stated “I understand over 300 folks at VictoryLand who have been employed for about two and a half months have now lost their jobs in a state where all we continue to talk about is we need more jobs. The folks that played bingo there last night, guess where they’re going to play bingo tonight? They’re just going to ride across the county line and go to Elmore County or Montgomery County. They’re going to play bingo at the Poarch Indians casino.”

Beasley also criticized the methods used to obtain a search warrant for VictoryLand.  Beasley stated “This is unprecedented in the state of Alabama, for the Supreme Court to issue a search warrant.” Senator Bobby Singleton, D-Greensboro, chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, also criticized the process used by Strange and said “We think the precedent set by this attorney general and this Supreme Court is wrong. It’s a bad precedent to set.” Singleton added “Who are we following? The protection of people is really at bay now. Who do you appeal to? If the Supreme Court is issuing it, who do you appeal to?”

Many Alabama citizens object to the waste of taxpayer dollars and say Strange’s irrational vendetta against bingo has made the state a national laughingstock. Strange has backed many far right causes and is trying to get the state legislature to make the victimless ‘crime’ of gambling a felony. Strange proposed the same thing last year but was rejected by lawmakers. In addition to Strange the legislature also heard from right wing extremist Judge Roy Moore who gained national attention from his contempt for the separation of church and state.

Bingo lovers in Alabama have a quick remedy at their fingertips; online bingo. There are several online bingo sites accepting American players including those from Alabama. Online bingo players in Alabama can play from the comfort and privacy of their own homes free from the prying eyes of Luther Strange and his fellow bluenoses.

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