All About Bingo Chat Rooms

Most land based bingo players say that the social aspect of bingo is just as important as financial gain. Most bingo halls are lively places and bingo players are a very gregarious lot. Online bingo is no different and players at bingo sites socialize by way of chat rooms. Players that are not good typist of spellers need not worry because online bingo chat rooms are very forgiving. There is one main difference between land based bingo halls and online bingo sites. At bingo halls conversations during games is discouraged while at bingo sites chat moderators encourage conversations during games. Because of the auto daub feature at bingo sites players do not have to manually mark their cards and can happily chat away during games. Chat rooms are very simple and easy to use and beginners need have no fear of chat rooms. Beginners are welcomed and chat host and other players are happy to answer any questions.

At most bingo sites there are special chat room games. To participate in chat room games players need to be playing bingo online and be in the chat room at the same time. Chat games are free and are often linked to the bingo game being played at the time. For example the numbers called in a bingo game may be used in a chat room keno game. Prizes for most chat room games are usually bonus money that can be used to play more bingo games and purchase more cards. Occasionally there may be a special prize or jackpot. Because of intense competition between bingo sites many chat room games have substantial cash prizes.

It is usually not necessary to be playing bingo to participate in a chat room. Some players prefer to sit some games out but will still participate in the conversations in the chat rooms. At most bingo sites chat rooms are visible on the same screen as the game. Players need to clock on the ‘chat’ or ‘open chat’ to join the conversation. At some bingo sites players can re-size the chat screen or can eliminate it altogether. Most individual bingo games have their own chat room and at some sites players can see how many players are in the chat room.

Writing a chat message is quick and easy. Just click on the message area on the chat womdow and type a message. Chat rooms have a language all their own. It is not necessary to learn all of the lingo and abbreviations immediately. There are several online chat room guides that explain all of the ‘bingo lingo’ used in chat rooms. Beginners should not hesitate to ask questions. It is part of the chat host’s job to help beginners and most players are very helpful. Many chat rooms have ’emoticons’ which are symbols to help players express their emotions. They are very easy to use. At some bingo sites private chat options are available to players. To chat privately with another player click the ‘private’ button.

For many chat rooms can be somewhat intimidating at first. Because of the friendliness of most bingo players beginners need have no fear of participating in bingo chat rooms.

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