Americans Love Bingo Too !

As most industry experts know Great Britain is the world’s most active market for both online and offline bingo. Over three million Britons play bingo every week. There are about 400 online bingo sites and most of these are targeting players in the UK. The origins of the game date all the way back to renaissance Italy where the game was known as “Lo Giuoco Code Lotto” which has evolved into the Italian National lottery that is still played today. Bingo then made its way to France where a few extra touched were added and then to Germany where the game was used in schools to teach various academic subjects. The game is still used for educational purposes even in today’s computer age.

The modern version of the game was actually invented in the United States around 1929. New York toy salesman Edwin Lowe observed a game called ‘beano’ at a Georgia carnival and the modern version of bingo was born. Today there are more than 60 million regular bingo players scattered around the globe. In North America there are about 50,000 commercial and non-commercial bingo halls. The game is also popular in Canada and there are even radio bingo games in the remote far north.

Americans love bingo just as much as their British counterparts. Commercial bingo is legal in states that allow casino gambling but charity bingo games are the most common in the United States. Bingo for charity is played in Parish halls, at church carnivals, veteran’s organizations and senior citizen centers across the United States. Some states are more bingo friendly than others but the game is played in all 50 states. A recent study showed that the top ten states for bingo are Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Iowa, Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky and Oklahoma. Kansas and Ohio ranked just outside the top ten bingo friendly states.

Pennsylvania has the most bingo halls of any state. The number of Pennsylvania bingo halls is 972. Ohio has 963, Illinois has 647, Texas has 613Michigan has 528, Indiana and Missouri have 494 and Wisconsin is last on the list with 409 bingo halls. Diane Wood is America’s only bingo millionaire. Woods won her jackpot at Foxwoods casino and on the same day Foxwoods paid out $600,000 to several lucky bingo players. In addition to live bingo halls players in the United States also have access to several online bingo sites that accept American players. As can be seen the Americans love their bingo too!

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