Are Live Bingo Callers a Thing of the Past ?

In recent years many land based bingo halls have switched from live bingo callers to automated systems that use a pre recorded voice stored in a computer system to call the game numbers. Until now very few bingo halls dared to implement the new technology and many question whether switching to automated callers is a good idea. For most players a live bingo caller adds a personal touch to the game and there is usually interaction between the players and the caller. Many bingo callers have achieved cult like status and are in great demand for bingo games. Many players have their favorite caller and will only attend games when that particular caller is on duty.

Many bingo players believe that they are luckier when a particular caller will be running the games. Some players simply like the way an individual caller announces the numbers. Bingo callers are usually well versed in the ‘bingo lingo’ used at most bingo halls. By definition bingo lingo is the slang used at most UK bingo halls. Many callers are colorful characters and a few well known actors started out as bingo callers in England and Australia. Bingo callers double as entertainers at some bingo halls and their performances during games are highly entertaining to players.  Generally bingo callers are paid more than most of the staff at bingo halls and many see automated callers as a way for bingo halls to cut costs. If player reaction to the new system is negative the move could actually cost bingo halls money.

Rumor has it that Gala bingo may be switching to automated callers at some of their bingo halls in the UK. The new technology means that new callers will not have to be trained and bingo halls using automated systems will not have to pay bingo callers. Unfortunately it is difficult to predict how players will react to the changes. Some say that the new automated callers will put live bingo on the same level as online bingo games. In reality most bingo sites use live callers and chat leaders. Bingo sites have recognized just how valuable a popular bingo caller can be. At online bingo sites chat leaders are just as important as callers. Many players will only play in certain chat rooms at many bingo sites. While generally new technologies are highly beneficial switching to automated game callers could end up costing bingo operators a lot of money.

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