Are Online Bingo TV Ads Effective?

In the US, online gambling sites are not allowed to advertise on television. A few years ago there was a series of television ads promoting an online poker site but these were quickly taken off the air. Despite the fact that poker games are regularly broadcast ads for online casinos are rare. Even cable channels which have more freedom that network stations are reluctant to run ads for online casinos and gambling websites. In the UK is a different story. In 2009 online bingo operators spent about nine million pounds ($14,265,660.79 USD) on television ads. Unfortunately it is somewhat hard to determine just how effective the television ads have been in influencing players to choose one bingo site over another.

UK bingo industry giants regularly promote their brands with television advertisements. In addition some bingo brands have sponsored programs and one online bingo site sponsored ITV3’s entire daytime programming schedule. Along with the ads the bingo industry is using search, affiliates and social media such as Facebook and Twitter to get their message to the public. It has been suggested that some players may make a decision to play at a particular website based on television ads. As has been mentioned that although it is difficult to determine how much influence television ads have in a player’s decision making it has been suggested that the ads offer “quite attractive” returns for bingo sites. One ad expert commented, “It is no coincidence that all major products advertise – or otherwise gain exposure – using television. Having your bingo site’s name … seen by millions of viewers achieves several objectives.”

It has also been suggested that as competition heats up it is inevitable that the amount of bingo ads and bingo promotions will increase. Many in the bingo industry believe that brand recognition will increase as a result of the ads making individual logos and images instantly recognizable to players and could possibly influence player behavior. Many bingo sites now routinely advertise their promotions on television giving them a distinct advantage over sites not able to spend the money required to run television ads. Once online gambling is re-legalized in the US, television ads for online bingo sites are sure to follow.

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