ASA Nails Another Bingo Site !

During the past year and continuing to the present bingo sites have engaged in a massive television advertising campaign in the UK. Some major bingo sites actually sponsor several daytime television programs especially those that target a female audience. Some observers have said that bingo ads appear during every commercial break on British television. Some of the ads feature colorful characters such as the ‘Queen of bingo’ and foxy bingo’s fox character.

In the UK the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is in charge of making sure that advertisers do not use deception or make outlandish claims and is there to protect the public from dishonest advertisers. Recently several bingo sites have run afoul of the ASA. In February Tombola bingo and 888 bingo attracted the attention of the ASA. The ASA found 888 bingo’s ad misleading because the ads did not mention the wagering requirements associated with the promotion being advertised. Tombola had trouble after the ASA decided that one of their television ads engaged in racial stereotyping. The ASA is so strict that just one complaint can trigger an investigation.

Some bingo ads have been banned because the ASA felt that the ads promoted underage gambling. The ASA has taken the position that ads for bingo sites and promotions must mention all of the various requirements associated with any promotions. A few days ago yet another bingo site attracted the attention of the ASA. The ASA received a complaint saying that an ad for a promotion titled ‘Debt Free 2011’ was ‘irresponsible and misleading.’ The promotion said that players could have their personal bills paid for one year at £200 pounds per month. The complainant said the prize was ‘unlikely to cover the debts of an average person.’  The ASA upheld the two issues addressed in the complaint and stated;

1.    The ad was irresponsible as it suggested the gambling was represented as a possible solution to debt and financial problems. Reference was made to content on the promotional page that stated: “No more stress, no more worries and no more running away from the morning postman!” The ASA found that this breached 5 of the CAP Code rules in Edition 12.

2.    The ad intimated to readers that if they were lucky enough to win the promotion they would have ALL their bills paid for 2011. The ASA felt that the value of the prize was unlikely to pay the average person’s bill for 12 months even though the prize value was clear on the Terms and Conditions accessible from Sing Bingo promotional page. The ASA felt that as it was a “significant condition” of the promotion it should have been part of the main body of the promotional text.

Readers should keep in mind that all of this was the result of just one complaint! The ASA is very serious about making sure that online bingo sites spell out all of the terms and conditions associated with any bingo promotions.

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