Bar Owners Have High Hopes for Electronic Bingo

electronic bingoWay up in Alexandria Minnesota local bar owners say they are excited about the new electronic bingo machines and are wondering why more bars have not plugged in to electronic gaming yet. The bars already have electronic pull tab games that are slowly catching on. The electronic games are part of a plan to raise money for the construction of a new Minnesota Vikings stadium. Currently only 120 out of thousands of bard have the new pull tab games Chris Hanson of Herby’s bar told reporters “To be honest, I’m surprised that more bars don’t have them. They’re very easy to use and you don’t miss a winner. It tells you when you win something.” So why aren’t more bars offering the games? “The ones I’ve talked to are taking a wait-and-see approach,” Hanson said.

Herby’s has had electronic games since last Thanksgiving and the results have been mixed. Hanson stated “From my standpoint, it’s been working extremely well. It’s easy to use. It does everything automatically. But getting people to play them – a lot of customers have mixed feelings. They like the paper pulltabs.” Hanson said younger tech savvy players prefer the electronic games. Charlie Meyer, owner of Garden Center said some of his customers are leery of the new electronic games. Meyer said “It’s taking a little time. It started out great but it’s maybe a little softer now. Overall, play is up…A whole lot of novices are playing it and then there are those guys who stick with the cardboard.”

The big payouts are attractive says Manson. Herby’s has paid out two top prizes of $599 and the bar recently added two $5 E-pulltab games that offer a $1,499 prize. When the state launched electric bingo the jackpots will be much larger. There are rumors of $20,000 payouts. Meyer told reporters “I’m more excited about statewide linked bingo than the pulltabs. Bingo could take it to the next level.” In Alexandria local bars are frustrated electronic bingo isn’t available yet. Meyer said “They’ve been working on it since last June. Come on, already.”

Bar owner Jeremy Phillips said that the bar industry needs a big lift. Bars are still suffering from the effects of a smoking ban. Phillips said that predictions that nonsmokers would make up for the loss of smokers have not panned out. Phillips said “That [smoking ban] took out 350 bars, two in Grant County just this month. People just aren’t coming out to the bars as much.” In the UK several pubs and bingo halls closed after the national smoking ban was imposed. In the US many bars and bingo halls have been forced to close because of smoking bans. Minnesota bar owners are hoping that electronic bingo will bring customers back.

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