Barney Frank Speaks Out About Online Gaming Seizures

At least one politician is telling it like it is about the recent seizures of four poker sites and bank accounts connected with the operations. Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank has been a champion of online gambling ever since the US passed the insane Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006.  The law was designed to pander to a tiny group of anti gambling extremists and was introduced using the most underhanded of methods and tactics. Since then Frank has tried to introduce legislation that would tax. License and regulate online gaming operations doing business in the United States.

Frank had some choice comments about last week’s online poker busts by the FBI. Frank termed the actions “an incredible waste of resources” by the FBI and the ‘Justice’ Department. He chided their reasoning behind the actions saying that both agencies are “protecting the public from the scourge of inside straights.” Frank went on to say that the justice department is more interested in closing poker sites than finding and prosecuting those responsible for the mortgage crisis and the global financial meltdown that has caused misery around the world.

Frank expressed outrage by the actions on “Black Friday” and voiced his concerns about the waste of taxpayer resources on something that should be legal for all US citizens. Frank tried to get legislation passed in 2010 but was stymied by Republicans who are against any form of legal online gambling for the most spurious of reasons. This Frank has re introduced legislation and has been joined by Republican John Campbell of California a Republican who believes that US citizens should be able to dispose of their income as they see fit. The three sites seized by the FBI generated about $16 billion annually and represent a potential new source of tax revenue that would help a cash strapped nation.

So far bingo sites have not been targeted by the guardians of ‘morality.’ In 2006 when UIGEA was passed most UK based online bingo sites banned American players. The potential for a legalized US bingo market is huge and could provide millions in new tax revenues for the US Treasury. Many conservatives see online gaming bans as unwarranted meddling in free markets and consider forcing banks to monitor transactions as an unfunded mandate. Hopefully the voices of reason will prevail and soon the US will have a regulated online gaming market.

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