Big Bingo Winner Facing Bankruptcy

The Scottish cleaner that won the biggest bingo jackpot in history is now facing bankruptcy. Former cleaner Soraya Lowell is struggling with a massive debt load less than four years after she won a £1.2 million ($1,848,391.80 USD) National Bingo Game jackpot. The jackpot is the largest bingo win on record. In the past Lowell has been extremely lucky. She won a £43,000 ($67.1416 USD) when she was a member of a lottery syndicate.  Earlier this year news reports indicated that Lowell had been evicted from her £150,000 ($234,274.13 USD) home and moved back to her old residence, a £35,000 ($54,735.70 USD) council house.  The Bank of Scotland seized her home.

Now Lowell and her husband Frankie are being taken to court by the South Lanarkshire Council over unpaid bills. According to the council the couple owes debts of £13,214. ($ 20,356.46 USD) Lawyers for the council are demanding payment putting Lowell in a very bad financial position. The council claims that Soraya owes £6526 ($10,056.70 USD) and Frankie £6688. ($10,306.64 USD)They also want the couple to pay £381 ($587.28 USD) each for legal expenses. A sheriff delayed the case until February after he heard that the couple is trying to find a solution to the crisis. The couple did not appear at a court hearing.

Soraya, of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, made national bingo news after she scooped the massive bingo jackpot in 2008 when she won the National Bingo game jackpot at the Club 3000 bingo hall in Coatbridge. Lowell had a long standing agreement with neighbor, bingo buddy and friend Agnes O’Neill to split any bingo winnings evenly. Lowell made good on her promise after her big win. At the time Lowell told reporters “A deal’s a deal. I’d never go back on it.” O’Neill also talked to reporters and said “There wouldn’t have been any malice from me if Soraya had decided to keep the money, but she insisted. She’s just brilliant. I don’t keep (house) well and she does absolutely everything for me.” Unfortunately O’Neill died two months after her windfall.

O’Neill’s widower, John, said he was sorry to hear of Lowell’s plight. O’Neill stated “It’s sad. I’d heard rumours they had money troubles but they never spoke to me about it.” At the bankruptcy hearing at Hamilton Sheriff Court it was revealed that Soraya and Frankie had applied to join a debt settlement agreement. The National bingo game is available as an online bingo game and the jackpots are still huge. Hopefully the next big winner will have better money management skills.

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