Big Bingo Winners

Most people think of bingo as a game with low wagers and equally low jackpots but nothing could be further from the truth. Bingo news sites are full of stories about players who have won significant amounts of money playing bingo. A couple of years ago bingo produced its first bingo millionaire and in 2007 a 62 year old grandmother won a million British pounds playing online bingo at a site operated by Gala Bingo. The big winner Pauline Clark was stunned and said, “I’m absolutely shocked. My heart is still racing. I’ve played bingo for years; in fact I won GBP 6 000 in the National Game 12 years ago. However, I’ve only been playing online for two months.” The big win made Ms. Clark the world’s first bingo millionaire.

In the US, a mother of three won a jackpot of $275,000 playing bingo online. As can be seen bingo is no longer a low stakes game. Online bingo sites are offering bigger and bigger jackpots and players are routinely winning thousands. Both online and land based bingo players are benefiting from the fierce competition in the bingo industry. In the UK47 year old Kathy Newley was devastated when she lost her job as an insurance broker. Ms. Newley had been depending on family members for help. Newley and her son have been staying with her mother. Newley decided to pop into a local arcade and play some games. She sat down at a bingo machine and put in a few coins and much to her surprise ended up winning a jackpot of £3,500 ($5,529.98 USD). The jackpot is thought to be the largest ever won in the town’s amusement arcades.

The win came just in time for Christmas for Newley and her family. About her good fortune Newley had this to say, “It’s come just at the right time and means we can have a nice Christmas now. It was such a surprise and things really seem to be looking up. I’ll be able to treat my son Paul and also my mum Doris as we’re staying with her at the moment. Mum has always been here for me and given up such a lot for me so I would like to repay her for that.”

The holiday season is probably the best time of year to play online bingo. Special holiday internet bingo games are being offered by most bingo sites. Who knows? You could become the next bingo millionaire!

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