Bill Drafted to Stop Online Gambling

Bingo is a rather innocuous game and most people consider bingo to be a ‘soft’ form of gambling. Bingo is a random game of chance and is relatively noncompetitive. Onkline bingo is sure to be legalized in several states in the near future. So far three states, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have legalized online gambling. Many states are expected to legalize online gambling in 2014 and several Native American tribes are taking a closer look at online gambling including online bingo.

The states were able to legalize online gambling because of a 2011 interpretation of the 1961 Wire Act by the justice department. The department ruled that the act only prohibited sports betting. Not everyone is happy with the legalization of internet gambling. Some religious groups have voiced strong objections but the biggest, and most dangerous, opponent of online gambling is casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. Adelson has drafted a piece of legislation that would ban all forms of online gambling. The new bill is titled the Internet Gambling Control Act and would overturn the changes made to the wire act.

A draft of the bill has been published online and the proposed piece of legislation is in the final stages and will require some revisions. The bill will then be introduced to one of Adelson’s bought and paid for politicians. The draft of the bill clearly shows that Adelson is primarily concerned with poker and wants the Wire Act to be restored. The bill says that once the wire act is restored ‘Congress and the public’ will have time to explore the issues related to online gaming.

The issues include underage gambling, money laundering, ‘terrorism,’ fraud and cybercrimes. Adelson is actively trying to prevent more states from legalizing online gambling. Most experts believe Adelson’s efforts will be unsuccessful and during a congressional hearing committee members called Adelson’s minions ‘hypocrites.’ Adelson has hired lobbyists including former New York Governor Pataki. Former GOP ‘strategist’ Cheri Jacobus flooded Twitter with outlandish accusations and claims.

Adelson has formed an extremist group known as the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. The group has been circulating a doctored version of an FBI letter on the dangers of internet gambling. Adelson has said he will spend whatever it takes to stop the expansion of online gambling. Many reputable journalists are ready to refute Adelson’s claims and treat them for what they really are-talking points.

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