Bingo-An Internet Success Story

Bingo demographics vary from country to country. In the UK which is the world’s largest bingo market about 70% of all players are female and 30% are men. In most countries females dominate the world of bingo and about 80% of all players are women and 20% are men in the US.  Bingo is no longer a game for pensioners and seniors. In the UK many bingo halls are investing heavily in features designed to attract young players. Some bingo halls plan to add live entertainment to lure younger players. Many land based players also play online bingo. Statistics show that young players are more likely to play online bingo and older players still prefer live bingo games.

For most bingo players the opportunity to socialize is just as important as winning a jackpot. In fact many players consider the social aspect of bingo more important than financial gain. Meeting new people is one of the key reasons so many play bingo. The popularity of bingo and social networking has made the game extremely profitable for online bingo operators. Bingo providers are taking advantage of the marketing opportunities offered by social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Site users create their own profiles and socialize with other players from around the world. In the past online bingo was mostly confined to the UK and the United States but in recent years online bingo has spread to several countries and continents.

Many online bingo operators offer free bingo games on their fan pages so potential players can check out all the bingo games available. Facebook pages and Twitter allow bingo sites to announce the latest bonuses and promotions. Bonuses and promotions make online bingo one of the most affordable games on the internet. Deposit bonuses have never been better and sign up bonuses are a great way for new players to stretch those hard earned dollars and pounds. Players in the United States need not feel left out and there are still plenty of online bingo sites accepting players from the United States.

Bingo players in the UK and Europe have over 400 online bingo sites to choose from. There are many reputable bingo review sites where players can find details on all the latest promotions and bonuses. Players can also find software reviews the enable them to find the highest quality online bingo games. Bingo is bringing people together in greater numbers than ever before and given the huge jackpots and bonuses available to players online bingo’s success is not surprising.

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