Bingo as Alzheimer’s Therapy?

Clinical research and medical literature have pointed out that keeping an active mind can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The more active the mind the slower the onset of this heartbreaking disease. Many activities have been shown to be beneficial such as music, reading, playing games and activities related to the cultivation of memory skills. Almost any activity that requires concentration will benefit the mind and online bingo is a perfect fit.

Bingo, including online bingo, has been proven to improve brain function and memory especially for senior citizens. It has been estimated that keeping an active mind can reduce mental deterioration by 1 month for every year the mind is kept active and occupied. A combination of concentration and social interaction has been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Online bingo sites can provide social interaction via chat rooms and players playing multiple bingo cards have the choice to play on ‘auto pilot’ or to manually daub the bingo cards. For seniors in rural areas, without close access to a bingo hall, an online bingo can provide hours of entertainment, not to mention the possibility of winning significant amounts of cash.

In the UK where bingo is wildly popular, special bingo games have been developed specifically for people afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Researchers found that playing bingo slows the progression of Alzheimer’s to some extent. US president Obama’s stepmother recently launched a special online bingo game to benefit Alzheimer’s patients. It won’t be long before the baby boomers start aging and the number of Alzheimer’s cases is sure to increase. Could bingo provide a new therapy for those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s?

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