Bingo Bucks the Recession, Adds New Jobs

In seems like every time we turn on the news all we hear about is the current recession. Most of us are tired of hearing words like economic crisis, recession, credit crunch and high unemployment. Factories have shipped millions of jobs overseas never to return and the foreclosure rate on both sides of the Atlantic is at record highs. The US may default on their debt unless some sort of agreement is reached between two warring political parties. In the EU deficits in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal threaten to undermine the Euro. Believe it or not there is one industry that has consistently posted positive figures throughout the ongoing recession; online bingo.

Not only has the bingo industry managed to survive it has actually created thousands of new jobs during the recession. The online bingo industry has been described by some financial experts as ‘recession resistant.’ At the height of the global recession bingo operators expanded their operations into new markets such as Scandinavia, Spain and Italy. In the UK, which is the world’s largest online bingo market, new bingo sites are launched almost weekly. The bingo industry has attracted big investors as evidenced by the recent takeover of Rank Group by Malaysia-based Guoco.

The Rank Group whose operations include Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor casinos has announced plans to add an additional 1,400 new jobs. Mecca is one of the most well known bingo brands in the UK and the company also operates an online bingo site. The new recruitment initiative will take place over the next three years as part of a plan to operate the company’s new G-Casino format. Rank’s plan is to build on their already large casino portfolio and hope to have 45 casinos in operation in the UK by 2015. Locations for the new G Casinos include Stockton-on-Tees, Manchester and New Brighton in Merseyside. The new casinos will have poker rooms, casino tables and bars and restaurants. The casinos will be designed to appeal to younger players and may also feature live entertainment.

The bingo boom is not limited to Rank. Recent bingo news reports indicate that Tombola bingo has added 30 new employees and is actively looking for 30 more. Dawn Clayton, marketing manager at Tombola said that the new jobs are proof that the bingo industry is thriving. While the recovery in the general economy has been slow at bingo sites it would appear that the recession is over at last.

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