Bingo For the Disabled

Many games have been adapted to help people with disabilities enjoy them. Bingo is one of these games. There are Braille bingo cards and other materials have been used to make bingo accessible to the blind. In some bingo halls there is a person to interpret the calls for the deaf using sign language. These adaptations have helped blind and deaf people around the world to enjoy bingo games. Advancements in technology have made bingo even more accessible. Blind online bingo players can use programs that read and call out the numbers. At most online bingo sites players can use the auto daub feature and can play several cards simultaneously.

A few years ago a blind woman from Rochester New York won her fight to use audible bingo cards at her local bingo hall. Joanna Richardson is a long time bingo player who happens to be blind. Until recently she had to rely on a friend to help her play but when audible bingo cards became available Richardson decided to use the new technology. There are many tools and technologies available to the blind that make it possible to use a computer and play live bingo games. Blind online bingo players can take advantage of deposit bonuses, special games and promotions. Programs designed to make it possible for the blind to use computers can be used to play bingo or any other online games such as online slots or poker.

At Richardson’s local bingo hall a few mean spirited people complained about her use of the audible bingo card. Richardson was told she must use the audible card in ‘silent’ mode rendering the device useless to Richardson. Richardson fought back and took her complaint all the way to the New York Racing and Wagering Board. Richardson lobbied the board for over two years to allow the use of the devices with sound. In New York the Racing and Wagering board controls bingo in the state. In most bingo halls the audible cards had been banned because players complained about the noise they make.

The audible bingo cards emit a beep when numbers are daubed on the card and has a setting to inform the player of a win. After two years of lobbying the Racing and Wagering board finally acquiesced and made changes that allowed the use of audible cards in bingo halls. Two years of making calls, writing letters, and sending emails finally paid off for Richardson and now blind bingo players in New York are free to enjoy a game of bingo.

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