Bingo Game A Real Lifesaver for UK Woman

In the UK bingo is exceptionally popular. Most bingo players in the UK say they play bingo at live bingo halls and on the internet. Most cities in Britain feature massive bingo palaces that were formerly cinemas from the golden age of movies. Many bingo halls are capable of seating thousands of players. Live bingo games are generally well attended and it is common to see groups of friends that have been playing bingo together for decades. Many players have agreements in place to split any winnings with their bingo buddies. For pensioners and seniors bingo games provide beneficial social interaction. One university study concluded that bingo players live longer because they are happier than the general population. In addition several studies have confirmed that bingo provides many health benefits for older players.

In the case of Maureen Robertson playing bingo may have saved her life. Recently Maureen spent several hours playing bingo at a local bingo hall. The Robertson’s had recently renovated their home. While Maureen was playing bingo a gas explosion destroyed their house and nearly killed her husband. Robertson told reporters “I don’t know how he is alive. I just keep thinking about all the rubbish on him. I don’t know how he is still in one piece. A single brick can kill you, so I don’t know how he survived with all that falling on him.”

Of course the Robertson’s were unhappy about the devastation caused by the explosion but are grateful to be alive. Maureen commented on the damage and stated “The first day I just cried all day. As time goes on I might feel better. I don’t know if Don’s come to terms with it all yet. I just keep telling myself, ‘We can start again’. It’s a home. I’m not bothered about memorabilia, as long as he’s OK.” Maureen’s husband Don will be in the hospital until he regains his strength. Maureen said “He can only walk three or four steps and he’s so tired. He said he was in the kitchen when everything just went up in the air. He’s got singed hair and a singed moustache, but I keep saying ‘You’re still handsome’.”

Because of the extensive damage the house will have to be torn down. Maureen, who worked for British Gas for 20 years, stated “When the house is flattened, I don’t know how I will feel. I just can’t believe the rubbish. I’ve seen my microwave and a kitchen cupboard in the garden. And my budgie (Pet bird) died, which is very sad.” Currently Robertson is staying with friends and authorities have given the couple 28 days to make the property safe to live in. Maureen said “As soon as it happened, I didn’t know what to do. It was desperation. I’m still so lost, I don’t know who to phone or how to sort things out, but my friends have helped me so much and I don’t know how I will ever repay them. Don will also want to thank the two men who rescued him when he is out of hospital.” It would appear that playing bingo actually saved Maureen’s life.

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