Bingo Hall Etiquette For Beginners

Most online bingo players are aware of the etiquette that is expected at online bingo chat rooms. Common sense rules apply, no swearing, no soliciting, no promoting other sites and so on. At land based bingo halls the rules are somewhat different. Here is what the online bingo player can expect at a live brick and mortar bingo hall. Like any social situation there are rules of etiquette that apply.

Players must be 18 years old or older. Younger players trying to sneak in disrupt the operation of the games for everyone. If alcohol is served on the premises players must be over 21. Underage players trying to purchase alcoholic beverages will usually be kicked out which is never a pleasant experience.

A decade ago smoking was perfectly acceptable at most bingo halls. A 2006 survey of bingo players in Great Britain showed that about 63% of all players were smokers. Times have changed and in the UK a national smoking ban is in place and is strictly enforced. In the United States individual states and communities have their own smoking laws and ordinances. Players that cannot sit through a game session without a smoke should probably stick to online bingo. Times have changed and attitudes towards smoking have changed with the times.

Players should come prepared to play bingo! Bingo halls are not free entertainment although they do contain some colorful characters. Most live bingo halls take a dim view of those who come to watch the games without participating.

After winning a huge bingo jackpot it can be hard to contain the excitement that goes along with a big win. At most bingo halls excessive celebrations are frowned upon. Players should remember that every time they win a game there is a roomful of people who didn’t win.

At most bingo halls’ bringing in outside food and drinks is prohibited. Bingo halls make a good part of their income selling food and drinks. There are some bingo halls that allow players to bring in food. At some charity bingo games food and drinks may not be available and it is acceptable for players to bring their own. At most bingo halls bringing in alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

People go to bingo halls to socialize and have a good time. Bingo halls are not the same as online bingo sites where players are encouraged to participate in the chat rooms. Talking during a game if frowned on at most bingo halls and in some cases may cause a player to be expelled. Talking during games can keep other players from hearing the numbers as they are called.

As can be seen the etiquette at most bingo halls is based on common courtesy and mutual respect for the rights of other players.

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