Bingo Hall Helps Pensioners Stay Safe

In the UK it’s no secret that bingo clubs and halls are a popular gathering place for pensioners and seniors. Many pensioners depend on bingo games for entertainment and a chance to get out of the house and socialize with friends. In the UK there are millions of bingo players and a large portion of live bingo players are older. In the UK bingo halls serve several purposes. Bingo halls raise money for charities and some have conducted educational programs for players. Earlier in the year some Mecca bingo halls hosted classes to teach pensioners basic computer skills. Modern technology has left many pensioners behind and the government hopes to make a majority of the UK population computer literate by 2012. Since Mecca operates one of the most well known online bingo sites in the UK they will probably acquire a few new players who have participated in the program.

Live bingo halls have also raised millions of pounds for various charities. Beneficiaries of charity free bingo games include the Sue Ryder Charity which helps those with cancer and the Marie Curie organization which serves the same purpose. Online bingo sites have also done their part for charities. In 2010 the stepmother of US president Obama hosted a series of special bingo games to raise money for the Sue Ryder charity. Kezia Obama was able to deliver a cheque for several thousand pounds to the Sue Ryder charity.

In Bolton there has been a rash of ‘distraction burglaries’ this year. At one point they were almost a daily occurrence. So far this year there have been 23 incidents and con men have stolen property worth about £20,000 from elderly victims. To educate pensioners and others Mecca has partnered with local law enforcement to educate pensioners about the characteristics of distraction burglaries and how to avoid becoming a victim. The latest burglary involved a 66 year old man who was victimized by three crooks posing as drain workers who entered his house and stole cash. Police have invited pensioners to Mecca for the special program and will be handing out free attack alarms. Bolton Crime reduction adviser Chris Waters “These criminals prey on the most vulnerable in society, conning them out of or stealing vast sums of money, which in many cases is their life savings.” This program is another in a long line of public service and educational programs sponsored by UK bingo halls.

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