Bingo Hall Offering Free Internet, Computer Lessons

Many older bingo players have never used the internet and have no idea how to operate a computer. Statistics in the UK have shown that how a person plays bingo is determined by age. Younger players prefer to play at online bingo sites while older players prefer live bingo halls. Surprisingly there are many older online bingo players. A few years ago when the national smoking ban was imposed on bingo halls many older players learned how to use computers and play online. After the launch of the smoking ban bingo sites reported a 63% increase in player numbers. Today a clear majority of players at bingo sites are women between the ages of 18 through 35.

One Mecca bingo hall in Dagenham UK plans to offer free internet and will help people learn how to use the internet. Dotcom pioneer Martha Lane Fox launched the Mecca bingo program and will provide club members with free internet access and lessons on what players can do on the internet. The lessons will help players learn how to use email, Skype, shopping online and how to surf the internet. Fox told reporters, “So many companies only want to talk to you online, and for a lot of people that just isn’t possible. Getting people online is really about communication – seeing people Skype their family free, shop around for deals and email their friends and family is amazing.”

The Mecca bingo program is part of Fox’s Race Online 2012, her project to help the 9.2million adults in the UK who do not have internet access. Fox wants to make learning fun for participants. Fox stated, “We are talking to bingo halls, pubs and everywhere else people go, and we’re so pleased this has finally happened. People’s reaction has been amazing. It’s not about computers and the internet; it’s about people having fun.” The manager of the Mecca bingo hall said he hopes other Mecca clubs will adopt the idea.

Although the lessons will take place in a live bingo hall many players will probably go online to check out the hundreds of bingo sites targeting the UK market. Many bingo sites offer free bingo which is a perfect opportunity for these new computer users to learn how to play online bingo. Computers are a necessity nowadays and the program is sure to benefit pensioners and older citizens.

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