Bingo Hall Robberies Have Players on Edge

In the UK, most people expect a visit to their local bingo hall to be fun and entertaining. Unfortunately, a disturbing trend is making many live bingo games much more exciting and terrifying – a trend that thankfully can’t harm the online bingo industry. In several cases, bingo players have gotten more excitement than they bargained for. Recently there has been a spate of bingo hall robberies and many times armed robbers have struck during bingo games. Recently three masked men entered the Top Ten Bingo club in Durham last Sunday. Two of the three were armed, one with a machete. The robbers forced two female bingo players, a female cleaner and the assistant manager at the club to lie on the ground. They then forced the assistant manager to open the club’s safe before leaving the club with a bag full of money.

The club’s manager Malcolm Evans said that those involved were frightened and upset and he was trying to calm them after the robbery. The thieves entered the club after the last bingo session around 9:40 PM. (GMT) Most believe the robbery had been planned and that the robbers were familiar with the hall’s schedule. The robbery took place in less than 10 minutes. Nev Carmen of the Durham police told reporters “Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident but it was a frightening experience for those involved. At this stage we don’t know exactly how much money was stolen but believe it was a substantial quantity.” The robbers wore dark clothing and masks. Police are looking at CCTV footage for any possible leads in the case.

Several bingo halls have been robbed across the UK and the activity is not confined to one region. A worker at the Mecca bingo hall in Knotty Ash was confronted by three men who entered the hall armed with a shotgun. They grabbed the unnamed woman and demanded she open the safe. The woman recounted the incident and stated “The main session had been started about 10 minutes when I saw three lads come in through the door. I saw one of them had a gun and they started demanding money – roaring and swearing at me to open the drawers. They pinned me against the wall and when they realised there was no money in the drawers they stole my purse and then the lad with the gun dragged me by my jacket into the amusement area, still shouting. It was only when they saw the number of customers in the hall that they let me go.” In this case the robbers left the bingo hall empty handed.

Fortunately there is an alternative to live bingo: online bingo, especially at UK sites like Fabulous Bingo. Since internet bingo players are playing at home a robbery or any other crime is very unlikely. Internet bingo can provide the excitement of a live bingo hall without the risk of being a witness to an armed robbery or worse. Bingo hall robberies are a very disturbing trend and many players are afraid to attend games at their local bingo halls.

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