Bingo Halls Report Increased Attendance at Games

In the UK bingo has been a dazzling success story. Since the postwar years bingo has grown and is now considered a part of British culture. Although land based bingo suffered a severe decline after the imposition of a national smoking ban there has been a marked increase in the number of players now attending live bingo games. At some bingo halls business is so good that one major bingo operator plans to invest millions of pounds to update older bingo halls. Some in the industry say that internet bingo has been partially responsible for the renaissance of land based bingo in the UK.

Bingo is popular with players of all ages and economic backgrounds. Many well known British celebrities have been seen playing at bingo halls throughout the country. The game of bingo has lost none of its appeal despite the addition of new technologies and the astounding growth of internet bingo. For a few dark years many were afraid that live bingo could easily become a thing of the past due to many bingo hall closures and competition from bingo sites. Bingo halls were pressured by heavy taxation, increased local licensing fees, the smoking ban, the global recession and excessive regulation. Many bingo halls closed after the government set jackpot limits on slot and fruit machines in bingo halls.

Recent reports indicate that attendance at live bingo games is increasing. Many say that online bingo is partially responsible for the recent surge in players along with an improving economy. Many of the new players at bingo halls are under 30 and were first introduced to the game at online bingo sites. The new bingo statistics are reason for celebration by the live bingo industry. Just a few short years ago many were predicting the demise of land based bingo in the UK and at the time things looked pretty bleak for the live bingo industry. Coincidentally the rise of online poker has caused an increase in the number of players at live poker games. It is clear that online and land based gambling enjoy a symbiotic relationship that has benefited both industries.

This year online bingo is jam packed with opportunities, huge cash prizes and the chance for players to interact with each other while enjoying exciting bingo games online. Most in the industry say that 2011 will be the best year ever for players at online bingo sites.

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