Bingo Has Bright Future Say Experts

Few countries love bingo as much as Great Britain. The game has been a part of British culture since the end of the Great War. In the UK most play 90 ball bingo which is somewhat different than American style 75 ball bingo. 90 ball bingo has a close resemblance to an ole Italian holiday game called Tombola. In the UK over three million people log in at bingo sites every week. Great Britain has the world’s most active online gaming market thanks to the Gambling Act of 2005. Instead of taking a prohibitionist approach like the United States the UK created a regulatory body to protect the interest of online gamblers.

In recent years the bingo industry has been fighting high taxation. Bingo is taxed at 22% while all other forms of gambling are taxed 15%. Many operators have moved offshore to avoid taxation but a recent ‘point of consumption’ tax will eliminate the unfair tax advantages enjoyed by offshore operators. Thanks to the gambling commission bingo players in the UK enjoy a high level of consumer protection since operators are highly regulated. Offshore operators must also adhere to high standards to do business in the UK. Most gaming experts predict a bright future for land based and online bingo in the UK. Online bingo has made the game popular with the young which has in turn benefited the land based bingo industry. Last year Rank Corporation, which operates Mecca bingo halls throughout the UK, spent millions of pounds refurbishing their bingo halls to appeal to a younger casual group of players.

For most players playing bingo is a social experience. It is common to see groups of friends that have played bingo games together for decades. In bingo halls the conversations between games is lively but talking during games is not acceptable. At online bingo sites players are actually encouraged to interact during games via chat rooms. Over the years bingo has developed a language of its own. At online bingo sites most of the language, or ‘bingo lingo,’ consists of abbreviations. At land based bingo halls various phrases are used when calling the game numbers. A good example would be ‘two fat ladies’ which is used for the number 88. In most cases other players will be happy to help newcomers to learn ‘bingo lingo.’ Bingo provides millions in the UK with hours of fun and entertainment and most gaming experts say the game has a very bright future in the UK.

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