Bingo May Become Number 1 Online Game

There are probably very few people in the western world who have not played bingo at some point in their lives. Bingo has been adapted for a variety of purposes and is used extensively in elementary schools to teach math, English, foreign languages and a wide variety of academic subjects. Bingo can take a dull subject and make it entertaining and even interesting for kids. Many people have fond memories of family bingo games at home and there are even bingo games for family road trips to relieve the boredom of long hours traveling. The appeal of bingo is universal and on both sides of the Atlantic bingo has a large fan base. In Great Britain bingo has been a popular game since the post war years and reached its golden age in the 1960’s.

Since the 1950’s the popularity of bingo as a family oriented game was well established. Bingo was also common as a fundraising tool for churches, veterans groups and charitable organization and was seen as a harmless and socially acceptable form of gambling. Even states with strict anti gambling laws turned a blind eye towards charitable bingo games. In Britain bingo was the most common form of gambling and bingo halls attracted millions of players regularly.

The establishment of the internet and its meteoric growth changed the way people gathered information, read current news, shopped-and played games. Online poker was an instant hit and the first online casino offering poker was launched in 1994. The success of internet casinos prompted the bingo industry to develop online versions of the game. After a sluggish start in the late 90’s the internet bingo industry experienced rapid growth early in the new century. Younger bingo fans that grew up using the internet flocked to the new bingo sites. The decline of the land based bingo industry also sent older players online. The bingo industry is expected to generate $1 billion dollars in revenue this year and some industry experts say that figure could double by 2012.

At the present time internet bingo is equal in popularity to poker and the most popular online game in the UK. As more bingo halls close because of excessive taxation more players are signing up at the many online bingo sites serving the British bingo market. More bingo sites are launched every year and the competition for players is fierce. Bingo has come a long way since the days of the simple board game played in living rooms around the world and is on track to be the most popular game online.

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