Bingo Millionaire Loses Home

In 2008 cleaner Soraya Lowell, 38, won a £1.2 million ($1,872,856.62 USD) bingo jackpot playing the National Bingo Game at her local bingo club in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. The next night she returned to the same bingo club and won an additional £200. ($312.268 USD) Lowell was also part of a lottery syndicate and won £43. ($67.1416 USD) Speaking about her luck Lowell said “I must be on a lucky run just now but I still can’t get my head around that amount of money. It just won’t sink in at all.” After her big win Lowell said she planned to split her winnings with bingo buddy and neighbor Agnes O’Neill who was with her when she won the National Bingo Game jackpot.

Lowell’s luck appears to have changed recently. News reports say that Lowell has been evicted from her £150,000 ($234,274.13 USD) home just three short years after her big win. Lowell had purchased the home after winning the huge bingo jackpot. Reports indicate that somehow Lowell has managed to waste most of her winnings and has been forced to move back to her £35,000 ($54,735.70 USD) council house that she shared with her husband prior to her bingo win.

The Bank of Scotland is taking Lowell and her husband to Hamilton Sheriff’s Court for being ‘in default’ of their mortgage agreement. Friends and neighbors were surprised to learn of the couple’s misfortune. A family friend stated “There had been rumours that Soroya had been having a bit of trouble financially, but nobody knew the extent of it. She only moved a few streets away so everyone still saw her out in Hamilton, but the news of her having her home repossessed is a bolt from the blue. She kept on her old home and you see her and Frankie going in and out, but nobody thought anything of it. Soroya and Frankie have also got rid of an ice cream van which they bought. Their life has changed a lot since they first won.”

After the couple failed to contest the Bank of Scotland’s action Sheriff John Miller ruled in favor of the bank. The couple has the opportunity to recall the decision before the bank takes control of the property. Neighbors at the Lowell’s new property said that no one has been at the house for weeks. One neighbor commented “The garden is in a bit of a mess and there’s not been any sign of life in the house for a good while now.”

Currently the National bingo game is not available as an online bingo game but there have been a few internet bingo millionaires in recent years. It is just a matter of time before the national Bingo Game goes online.

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