Bingo Myths and Superstitions

Gamblers are notoriously superstitious and bingo players are no exception. Logically there is no real way to influence the outcome of any random game of chance. In skill based games like poker and blackjack players can draw on their memory and knowledge of the game. Bingo players cannot exercise any real gambling strategies because of the random nature of the game. In spite of this bingo players continue to indulge themselves with a variety of superstitions.

Most gamblers believe in some sort of superstitions that they believe will bring them luck. Bingo players openly display trinkets, talismans and charms that they believe will help them to win bingo games. Some players have ‘lucky’ daubers, other use stuffed animals or dolls. Anyone who has ever frequented bingo halls has probably seen the collections of various good luck charms displayed on the tables. Online bingo players are not immune from superstitions. Some players display the same good luck charms at their computer stations and some may have a ‘lucky’ chair they sit in while playing. Here are a few entertaining bingo superstitions.

Go to any bingo hall and you are likely to see many people sitting at the tables with cards, charms and trinkets spread out in front of many players. Statistics show that three out of four bingo players carry some sort of good luck charm. Some players say they win more if they are wearing lucky socks or special jewelry, carrying a troll doll, using a lucky bingo dauber or just about any good luck charm imaginable. In most bingo halls there seems to be an unwritten rule that lucky charms and talismans must be displayed as openly and ostentatiously as possible. Commonly seen items displayed at bingo halls include troll dolls, four-leaf-clover key chains, dice, gemstones, rabbit’s feet and small beanbag animals. Rabbit’s feet are popular good luck charms. According to legend the only true lucky rabbits feet must come from a rabbit shot in a cemetery on Friday the 13th and the foot must come from the left hind leg. Most rabbit feet purchased commercially come from China and are a byproduct of food and fur production. Online bingo players have been known to spread out lucky charms in front of their computers just like live bingo players.

Many players believe that certain seats are ‘lucky.’ If you are new at a bingo hall and select a seat you may be approached by another player asking you to move because you are sitting in their ‘lucky’ seat. It is usually better to move and find your own ‘lucky’ chair. Some players get quite angry if they see someone sitting in their ‘lucky’ seat.

If you are playing bingo to gamble you are playing the wrong game. The house has a massive edge over players. Most people play bingo for fun and socialization rather than financial gain. Online bingo players are pretty much the same when it comes to the social aspect of the game.

As has been mentioned the use of charms and trinkets is widespread among bingo players. Superstitious players are easy to spot in any bingo hall. These players believe that having a troll doll or wearing a pair of ‘lucky’ socks will influence the outcome of the bingo games. One of the most widely used bingo charms if the old standby rabbit’s foot. Most players believe that any old rabbit’s foot will do but some carry the superstition to extremes. One legend has it that for a rabbit’s foot to be truly lucky the rabbit must be shot in a cemetery on Friday the 13th. Some believe that the only rabbit’s foot that is lucky is the left hind leg. Fortunately most bingo players do not wander around cemeteries shooting rabbits! Do these trinkets actually work? Logic says no but many bingo players would not think about playing a game without their good luck charms.

Some players believe that there are lucky card patterns. These players believe that certain card patterns are luckier than others. Some players look for special numerical patterns on the cards they purchase. Online bingo players usually do not have the option of choosing their card numbers. Card pattern preferences vary from player to player.

One of the more believable bingo superstitions from a logical point of view is the belief that a positive attitude will bring good luck. Some players believe that if they think positive thoughts while marking their cards it will influence the outcome of the game. Many believe that the positive ‘energy’ generated by positive thinking will help them to win. Positive mental energy is popular with new age practitioners.

One bingo statistic stands out from all the rest. 96% of all bingo players have won a game at one time or another and a sizable majority have experienced multiple wins. Once a player has won a game it is not hard to see why so many players try to carry the same items or wear the same clothes as they did when they won a big bingo game.

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