Bingo Networks-A Quick Overview

There are two types of bingo operations; networks and stand alone operations. A majority of bingo sites are part of a network. Many players are unaware that bingo networks exist and that they are actually part of a network. Bingo networks enable a wide range of bingo operators to pool resources and players. Since resources are pooled bingo networks can offer players higher jackpots than stand alone bingo operations. Networks have played an important part in the growth of the online bingo industry. But what is a bingo network?


Simply put a bingo network is a group of bingo operators who pool their prize money and players using various services provided at a central location. In a bingo network the prize money is based on the total number of players in the network. Players enter the network through their home sites. All services including the chat rooms are provided by the central bingo network operation. All members of a bingo network benefit from the serviced provided by the central operation. New bingo sites have a pool of players that can be tapped and because of shared resources bingo sites in a network can provide more prizes and promotions.

Bingo sites in a network are set up using ‘white label’ services provided by the central operator. Basically a ‘white label’ service is a product or service that is produced by one company that can be rebranded by another company. Currently there are over 400 bingo sites targeting the British bingo market. In reality a majority of these bingo sites are operated by a handful of bingo networks. There are a few stand alone sites that are able to compete with networked sites but these are an exception. Many bingo networks provide a turnkey solution for investors entering the internet bingo business. All aspects of setting up the new site are handled by the network operator. Services may include software, site design and operation, banking services, marketing, promotions, chat room services and just about any aspect required for a successful online bingo operation. Most of the problems associated with setting up a new business are handled by the network.

At some bingo networks individual sites are mere copies without any distinguishing characteristics while others provide clients with originally designed websites. It will be interesting to see how many networked bingo sites will survive in today’s highly competitive environment.

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