Bingo Networks and Software Providers

It is likely that internet bingo players who play at different sites have encountered the same bingo software at more than one site. Many bingo sites have a similar look and feel. This is because although there are over 300 bingo sites serving the UK bingo market there are only a handful of bingo software developers. Many bingo sites are part of a network consisting of several sites and a shared pool of bingo players. A majority of online bingo sites are part of a network. The bingo network model benefits both operators and players. Operators can maintain liquidity and since there is a shared pool of players the jackpots are larger. At some bingo network the chat rooms are shared with the rest of the sites in the network and at other network each site has its own separate chat room.

The network model also benefits those who want to enter the online bingo business. A startup using a network has an instant pool of players and startup costs are minimal. Generally the network will take care of banking and technical support. There is a definite downside to the network model. Currently there are about 300 bingo sites serving the UK market and of these about 290 are part of a bingo network. Since each network shares the same games and promotions the network model can lead to diminished choices for players. Many sites in some networks are exactly the same including games and graphics and have no distinguishing characteristics.

Software providers are another important part of the online bingo industry. Software providers develop games and provide technical support. Some of the most well known software providers include Parlay, Tombola, Playtech, LeapFrog, Microgaming, Boss Media and Bingo Workz. These companies have extensive experience designing games for bingo sites and also provide other online games including slots and side games. Each company has its own official website and information about the games and services they provide can be found on their websites. Some software providers run their own bingo networks in addition to poker sites and online casinos. Despite the global recession business has been brisk for bingo software providers and the industry has grown and expanded into new markets. Many analysts predict that online bingo will continue to grow and say that bingo stocks are a good investment. Thanks to industry growth times have never been better for players and online bingo sites.

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