Bingo Packing Them In At Las Vegas Bingo Halls

Elba Montesdeoca, 82, is the typical stereotypical bingo player; an elderly lady with a whole menagerie of good luck charms, a superstitious attitude and has been playing bingo regularly for decades. She used to play daily until health issues forced her to cut back to twice a week. Montesdeoca has been a fixture on the Las Vegas bingo scene for a long time but today players like Montesdeoca are the exception rather than the rule. Bingo has attracted a much younger group of new players at Las Vegas bingo halls. At one time the gambling industry considered bingo a loss leader but at today’s bingo halls players spend money on bingo games, entertainment, food and drinks and slots and other gambling. Weldon Russell, director of ancillary gaming for Station Casinos told a reporter, “Bingo is extremely important to the company. The truth of it is, you know, if you bring 200 people to the property eight times a day, there’s residual value there.”

During the last decade bingo halls realized they needed to make some changes to attract younger players while retaining established players. Bingo halls have added more electronic equipment and now offer bingo games with higher payouts. One bingo hall held a two day bingo event where $1 million dollars was paid out in prizes. Big money bingo events are now common in Las Vegas and bingo halls report that they usually have to double their seating capacity during these events. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s many old bingo halls on the Las Vegas strip were replaced with nightclubs, high end restaurants and other attractions.  Many in the gambling industry declared bingo to be a dying game but today many in the gaming sector say that bingo is the most stable form of gambling.

The reasons for bingo attractiveness are universal regardless of a player’s age. Bingo is a very inexpensive form of entertainment and they typical buy in is about $4 dollars. At some bingo halls the buy in includes free drinks and at morning games doughnuts are provided. In addition to live bingo playing at bingo sites has become popular with millions of players worldwide. Many bingo sites offer players huge jackpots similar to those found at special live bingo events. For bingo players who do not live near a bingo hall of casino online bingo has been a perfect solution.

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