Bingo Player Wins Huge Lotto Jackpot

In Ireland a lottery winner and a diehard bingo fan says she has precise plans for her newfound wealth. Kathleen McLaughlin of Donegal is a 77 year old pensioner who recently won a €2.6million lotto jackpot. Despite the fact that McLaughlin won more money than most people will see in a lifetime she has no plans to purchase luxury cars, mansions and does not plan to take any extended holidays. McLaughlin told the Irish Independent that she plans to purchase a new sofa for her home. She plans to split the jackpot of €2,642,046 ($3,538,936.60 USD) between her seven adult children.

McLaughlin told reporters “I won’t get anything special, I tell you. I don’t really need anything, when you get to my age, there’s not much you need.” McLaughlin is a retired home care worker. She said she had gathered most of her extended family for a modest celebration of her good fortune. McLaughlin made a four hour road trip to collect her winnings but was in a hurry to get back home to play bingo at her parish hall. McLaughlin is a regular at the bingo games and even played on the Sunday she discovered hew big lotto win. McLaughlin scored the big win after purchasing a €4 Quick-Pick ticket.

Before boarding a bus home McLaughlin said “I don’t do parties. If I can get back in time I’ll go to bingo again tonight.” In addition to her regular bingo games McLaughlin and her husband Robbie play the lottery every week as part of a lottery syndicate that includes her four daughters and three sons. Currently the McLaughlin family consists of seven adult children, 30 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. McLaughlin’s youngest son Sean stated “The good thing is that it’s not a vast amount of money when it’s divided among everybody so it will help us but not destroy us.” Sean said his mother values their family much more than money. Sean said “She’s of an age now where she thinks it’s no good to her. It’s a close family anyways.” He also said his mother’s lifestyle is not likely to be affected by her big win. “It means nothing to her, so it won’t change her at all. Said Sean  “She is who she is, whether she has a fiver in her pocket or €100 in her pocket. She’s from the country and what you see is what she is — she’s very good, there’s no badness in her.”

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