Bingo Players Get Eyeful !

Bingo Players at a Mecca bingo hall in Dundee got an extra thrill in addition to the usual exciting bingo games. Many players saw more than they bargained for after a twenty something scientist decided to remove his trousers and underwear and walk around in a parking lot outside the Mecca bingo hall. The slightly demented scientist said that only “old people with bad eyesight” could see him as he walked through the parking lot for a “cheap thrill.”

Stefan Morrocco took off his pants and underwear before walking around outside the hall. Two bingo players informed the staff at the bingo hall who, in turn, notified police. Morrocco holds a PHD from St Andrews University and is certainly no dummy. When police finally arrived the found Morrocco in his car with his pants undone. The Dundee Sheriff Court was told by Chris MacIntosh “Two females were leaving the Mecca Bingo and were heading towards a vehicle and observed the accused moving towards a vehicle. They observed that he was not wearing clothing on the bottom of his person. The witnesses told colleagues inside what they had seen. A member of staff walked out and saw the accused standing beside his vehicle. He was wearing a T-shirt only and had bare legs. He got back in to the vehicle at that time. Police attended and found the accused in the vehicle and saw his trousers were undone to the verge of coming off. Police asked him what he was doing and he said ‘cheap thrills’.”

Amazingly enough Morrocco defended his actions to police and said that he thought there would be nobody around to see him except “old people with bad eyesight.” Morrocco pleaded guilty to committing a breach of the peace during the incident which took place on January 20th 2011. Defense attorney Gary McIlravey stated “This is a bizarre incident. He chose the location because there would be few people around. He was suffering from underlying anxiety and depression at the time. He has sought assistance in relation to his problems and has sought counselling. The counsellors take the view that he didn’t take sexual gratification from this and that it was a release of some sort. He holds a senior position as a geomorphologist.” For those who don’t know geomorphology is the study of landforms and the processes that shape them.

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