Bingo Portals and Comparison Sites Expanding

The rapid growth of the online bingo industry has provided jobs for many. Game developers are busy creating new bingo and side games, writers are busy banging out new content, online payment processors are gaining new customers and many have started their own bingo reviews and comparison websites. Review and comparison sites have been used successfully by several industries. Insurance rate comparison sites are just one example of these ventures and some comparison sites are even advertised on television. The internet bingo industry has jumped on board and now there are hundreds of bingo review and comparison sites. In addition to these there are also many casino comparison sites rating the services of the many online poker sites and casinos.

Some online bingo review sites have been set up for marketing purposes and may promote a specific bingo site or network. These are usually easy to spot but even these can contain valuable information in the form of articles and tips for players. There are also many internet bingo portals that provide impartial information and players should look for these whenever possible. Many operate forums where players can share their experiences with bingo sites and the services they provide. Reputable bingo forums will usually ban blatant promotions or will have a specific thread for posting promotions. Bingo review sites and forums can help new players to avoid unpleasant experiences with less than honest bingo operators.

Anyone who has tried to find bingo review and comparison sites has probably run across review sites that make no sense at all. The articles are usually little more than gibberish or are written by writers with a minimal knowledge of the English language. These sites are usually set up for search engine optimization purposes and have no value for users. They are easy to spot and can be annoying time wasters for people searching for real news and information about online bingo.

Since according to Google the most popular bingo related search term is ‘free bingo’ there are several bingo review sites that specialize in providing information about free bingo games. Most bingo sites provide players with some sort of free bingo option and there are also bingo sites that provide totally free bingo games. There are also bingo review and comparison aimed at American players. Many UK bingo sites do not accept US based players because of federal law. These portals can point US players in the right direction when searching for a reputable bingo site that accepts American players.

Some bingo review and comparison sites have been financially successful and are supported through advertising and affiliate marketing. One of the most popular bingo portals reported income in excess of $400,000 just a few years ago. With money like that at stake it is no wonder so many bingo portals have been launched.

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