Bingo Provides Fun For A New Generation

Bingo has attracted a whole new generation of players. In the UK online bingo is the most popular leisure activity among women from 18 to 25. The new outlandish version of the game, Rebel Bingo, is drawing huge crowds in England, New York, Philadelphia and other large American cities. At the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville bingo has suddenly become a popular pastime for students. Recently the Campus Activities Board hosted Late Night Bingo in the university’s Meridian Ballroom of the Morris University Center. As game time approached the hall was filled with young bingo enthusiasts. Communications major Jessica Fraser said that her participation in the Global Village broadcast class prompted her to attend the event to gather footage.

In an interview Fraser stated “I thought it would be an interesting event and to see what’s going on. A lot of times, when I think of bingo, I think of old ladies in a church basement, but this is a lot of young people and there is a lot of cool energy here.”  Business major Andrea Wilson attended the game with her friend art history major Jessica Nations out of curiosity. Wilson and Nations stated “[We attended] just to have fun.” According to Emily Cox, graduate assistant adviser for the Campus Activities Board’s special events committee the event drew a huge crowd destroying the stereotype of bingo as a game for seniors only. Cox told the campus newspaper “It seems like we have more seats filled than when we did at this event in the spring.”

Campus Activities Board chair Erin Sbarbati said that the popular event has been held for three years and bingo games take place during the fall and spring semesters. Sbarbati said the event usually attracts about 300 to 400 students and members of the general public. Sbarbati stated “People really seem to enjoy coming [to the event]. We give out a lot of small, medium and large prizes and it’s catered by SIUE.” The games offer various prizes such as trail mix and candy, household appliances, picture frames, DVDs and college themed shirts and jackets. The prize for the main event was an iPod. Many who attended the games had never played bingo and left the games as confirmed bingo fans. The popularity of bingo is increasing among the young. Many who first became acquainted with the game at similar events now play cash bingo online. The influx of young players ensures that the game will survive well into the future.

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