Bingo Rules and Regulations

Every game has its own rules. In most cases the rules are designed to make sure the game runs smoothly and players are treated fairly. Bingo is no exception but the game really does not have many rules. Because of the nature of the game and the cards used cheating at bingo is almost impossible. At online bingo sites chat leaders enforce the rules and in online bingo games most of the rules pertain to chat room behavior. There is a code of etiquette among land based and online bingo players that ensures civil behavior. Of course there are always a few bad apples but fortunately encounters are rare.

The chat leaders are there to enforce the rules and are not on an ego or power trip. The chat leaders are there to help players if there is trouble and resolve any disputes. Most rule violations at online bingo sites are caused by a breach of etiquette. Chat room rules are really pretty simple; no swearing, insults, badgering other players, soliciting loans and promoting another bingo site. (That violation is sure to get a player banned!)

In live bingo halls the rules can get complicated, especially for new players. Sitting in someone’s ‘lucky’ seat can lead to a verbal altercation. Mistakenly calling ‘bingo’ is sure to raise the ire of the entire bingo hall. Talking during games if a big no no and at some halls players have been ejected for talking during a game. At the very least the player will receive a stern warning. New players should be aware that most halls have different sets of rules so it is always a good idea to read the posted rules.

During high stakes bingo games hall management may bar people from entering or leaving the hall. In most halls people are not allowed to sit and watch the games and each person seated may be required to purchase bingo halls. This rule is rigidly enforced at crowded bingo halls. One of the most important rules at bingo halls is this one; players must claim bingo before the next number is called and must shout ‘bingo’ loud enough for the caller to hear. Once the next number has been called it is too late to claim a bingo.

Players that must bring children with them to games are responsible for their behavior and keeping them quiet during games. Fortunately some bingo halls have play rooms just for children. The rules are really simple and the games are exciting making bingo one of the best entertainment values anywhere.

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