Bingo Sector Shows the Importance of Casual Gamblers

A recent report showed that in liberalized online gaming markets casual gamblers provide operators with the most revenue. Operators of online bingo sites have long known this and the rest of the online gaming industry is starting to realize the impact casual gamblers can have on gaming markets. A new study titled “Casual Gaming and Gambling on the Internet” shows that 85% of all online gaming operators will focus on casual gamblers this year. Operators seeking new revenue streams will most likely turn to gamblers found in social networking sites.

The report points out the heavy investment of gaming giants Party Gaming, 888, Playtech and others in online bingo sites where casual gamblers dominate. The heavy investments are an indicator of the importance of the casual gaming demographic. In the past most online gambling sites, except bingo sites, targeted hard core gamblers and high rollers and industry observers who have witnessed the astounding growth of the online bingo industry have taken notice of the importance of casual gamers who play internet bingo games.

The success of Zynga Poker is dominating industry discussions. The highly successful social gambling site has over 36 million active users and between 200,000 and 400,000 players at any time, significantly more than at the most popular poker rooms. Fantasy sports and skill gaming are viewed as a strategic tactic to enter restricted markets such as the United States which has strict online gambling restrictions. Online lottery and numbers games are seen as an untapped market for online operators. It has been estimated that the online lottery and numbers game market could generate $5.5 billion dollars in gross revenues by 2015.

The report’s co author Martin Oelbermann said that at present the lottery and numbers games are dominated by state operators but that could change very soon. Oelbermann stated, “Large private operators will soon discover online lotto and numbers games,” Oelbermann forecasts. “What started in 2009 with hefty investments in bingo will spread to lotto and numbers games – maybe already in 2011?. Gross revenues for both the retail and internet numbers game market are estimated at about $100 billion dollars.

The rapid growth of bingo sites has prompted the interest in casual gamblers. Internet bingo players generally play once in a while and gambling addiction is almost unknown. In addition bingo is seen as a ‘soft’ form of gambling which attracts the casual gambler. It would appear that once again the online bingo sector has pointed the way for the entire online gaming industry.

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