Bingo Sites Offering More Unique Side Games

The competition is fierce in the online bingo industry and there is a great focus on site differentiation. Bingo operators know they have to offer players something new and special to survive in a highly competitive atmosphere. Some bingo operators have decided to focus on new and unique side games to attract and retain players. Studies have repeatedly shown that side games are very popular with players and a large majority of players at bingo sites say they routinely play side games. Side games provide players with quick, instant gratification. Side games were seen by most bingo operators as a diversion for players between online bingo games but now many players will forego bingo games in favor of side games.

About two years ago a survey revealed that online roulette was the most popular side game among female bingo players in the UK. Today side games offer bingo operators the ability to constantly provide new and original games. By and large the software for bingo games has remained relatively static and has not changed much during the last few years. Gaming software developers and game creators are producing new games on a regular basis. Many bingo sites and networks offer proprietary side games based on popular themes. Side games usually fall into one of three categories; slots, table games and instant win games.

Slots are probably the most popular of all of the side games. Most bingo sites offer classic three reel slots and the more sophisticated five reel multi payline slot games. Many slot games have popular themes based on movies and television shows. For example the Lord of the Rings and X Men slots are very popular with players. Advances in technology have allowed game developers to create slot games with astonishing graphics and interactive features. Progressive slots add a whole new dimension to side games. Many progressive jackpot slots offer life changing jackpots and there are already several online slots millionaires.

Table games include roulette, (both American and European) poker, blackjack and many other table games. As has been mentioned roulette is one of the most popular side games at UK bingo sites. Most bingo sites feature video poker in various versions such as Texas Hold ‘Em, five card stud and others.

Instant win games include scratch off games similar to those offered by most lotteries. Pull tab games are another popular instant win game. Keno, bingo’s first cousin, is also very popular and is one of the most played instant win games. Keno is a combination of bingo and lottery games. In keno players select their card numbers in advance instead of waiting for them to be called.

Side games provide players with hours of entertainment. For most bingo operators side games provide bingo operators with an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

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