Bingo Sites Offering Multi Currency Games

Since the internet is international in scope most people are likely to encounter various foreign currencies. Online bingo players are likely to encounter three major currencies; the British Pound, the Euro and the US dollar. Although there are many bingo sites catering to American audiences some US players prefer to play at British or European bingo sites because of the security and regulation of bingo sites in the UK and Europe. In the UK bingo sites are regulated by the Gaming Commission and in Europe bingo sites must follow strict regulations set by the European Union. US citizens playing at these sites are likely to see jackpots and prizes denominated in Pounds or Euros which may cause a little confusion.

There is no need to worry. There are several free currency converters that will instantly convert any currency using up to the minute data on current currency exchange rates. One of the best free online currency converters is the XE Universal Currency Converter. This free tool will instantly convert any currency. Many online bingo sites offer players the option to use several currencies to play games. Keep in mind that some bingo sites will add a slight charge for the convenience. In addition some of the exchange rates used by some bingo sites may not be up to date. Since most bingo jackpots do not involve large amounts of money an unfavorable exchange rate will not cause any significant loss for the player.

Online bingo games are incredibly popular throughout the UK and British bingo providers have turned online bingo into a fine art. There are now over 400 bingo sites serving the needs of British and Irish players. In contrast Americans have a somewhat limited selection thanks to ridiculous federal laws against online gaming. To attract these US based players several bingo sites now offer a selection of currencies and instant conversion. Many bingo sites make it a point to advertise their multi currency games.

Thanks to the proliferation of new bingo sites in the UK bingo providers are spending massive amounts on Holiday bingo promotions, special games and great prizes. Jackpots of thousands of pounds or dollars are now common and online bingo recently produced its first bingo millionaire! Fortunately there are still many UK bingo sites that welcome American players. Most of these sites now offer games in dollars making the use of a currency converter unnecessary.

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